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Reliable Taxes Services & Credit Solutions

Reliable Taxes Services & Credit Solutions


Our company provides tax & credit services to our clients nationwide! We’re with you for the long haul! We strive to form long-term relationships with our clients. Your tax advisor will be there for you year after year. Plus, our offices are open year-round. That means your tax advisor is there for you anytime you need tax advice or planning. Should you be audited, Reliable Tax Solutions has your back with enrolled agent representation and assistance through the audit process.

Specialized knowledge for your unique situation. Your tax situation is like a fingerprint. No two are the same. But no matter what your individual tax needs are, we have a tax advisor with the specialized skills to meet them. Our Advisor Match tool will find a tax advisor with the knowledge and experience for your unique tax scenario.

At Reliable Tax Solution, we guarantee you’ll receive a 100% accurate return prepared by a tax advisor with specialized expertise in your personal tax situation. Our offices are open year-round to provide you with support, representation, and protection whenever you need it. 



Your Reliable Financial Solutions office is open year-round to provide personal tax return advice and support beyond tax season. That includes expert assistance should you receive a letter from the IRS. If you receive a letter for issues such as an under reporting notice or personal income tax penalties, we’ve got your back. Your tax advisor will verify the accuracy of the notice, respond to the tax authority, and then guide you on the path to resolution at no additional cost.

Audit Representation

No one wants to be audited. But occasionally it does happen. As a RFS client, you can rest easy knowing that, should you be audited, you have the full support of trusted experts.

Tax Identity Protection

Tax identity theft is an evolving problem. With just your name, birthdate, and Social Security number, a thief can file a fraudulent personal income tax return in your name. That’s why RTS offers Tax Identity Shield® which helps you take steps to detect and reduce your tax identity theft risk. This now includes black market internet scanning that monitors the dark web where your information can be bought and sold. We’ll also provide access to tax identity restoration assistance if you become a victim.

Reliable Taxes Services & Credit Solutions

Reliable Taxes Services & Credit Solutions



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